six month spaces

We have tents ⛺ designed to last a few days. We have buildings 🏢 designed to last a few decades. Where are all the beautiful six month spaces?

Covid has highlighted the need for inexpensive, safe, scalabale places of public assembly.

We start with what municipalities know -- scaffolding -- but designs, builds and outfits it for the performance of everyday life.

Scaffolded Space broadens "the shoulders" of our schools & civic structures with day-lit, super-sized awnings.


photo of my design and thinking bookshelf

What's as fast as tents, but flexible enough to capture any free space schools have?

Scaffolding. Here's wikipedia for a quick primer.

Scaffolding is a code-compliant construction material ready for reuse.

  • it dresses up with a fresh coat of paint
  • supports a day-lit, four season roof
  • invites standardized layouts developed with experts
  • it's available *across the country, immediately*

teachers first

Teachers bring the magic to school. Learning spaces should be co-create alongside teachers. Further, scaffolded space is hackable space — please — these spaces yours. Share what you've done or ask for help!

photo of my design and thinking bookshelf

how it works

The goal is to make standing up a scaffolded space nearly as easy as an event tent. We're building a network of scaffolding providers, engineers and experts to bring experience and inspire confidence in the design and assembly process.

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This is a buildingways project. We build tools to build community.